Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh My God, I Have Stretch Mark!

Stretch Mark also known as Striae occurs when the Skin is overstretched which is mostly due to Pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss. It can be very embarrassing and usually appears in places women like to show off the most, especially in areas like the Breasts, Buttocks, Arms and Most times the Belly.

Most People assume it cannot be cured and just get used to living with it, but the Truth is, it can be managed to some extent and even treated. It takes a lot of patience and persistence but in the end you will have perfect glowing skin to show for your hard work.

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Shear Butter works Miracles with stretch marks. Just Apply a generous amount every Morning and at Night before going to bed, you have to do this Religiously for about 6 to 8 Months to see the effects, and gradually, you will notice a difference in the appearance and texture of your skin.
Cocoa Butter is also good. Do the same thing and you will get exactly the same effect.
 To Avoid stretch marks from appearing, start using them early in your pregnancy, Weight loss or Weight gain process. Apply Shear Butter or Cocoa Butter to the Belly, Thighs, breasts and Arms daily and it will help diminish the appearance of Stretch Marks.

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