Monday, October 29, 2012

Photos: Hurricane Sandy - Canadians Warned To Be Prepared.

 Hurricane Sandy is around 200 miles from smashing into the New Jersey coast  which is sparking fears across East Coast cities that have already seen the first signs of her monstrous power, including snow, breached rivers and floodwaters submerging towns and homes.
Atlantic City, which has already suffered heavy flooding, is expected to take the brunt of the monster storm as Sandy hits land at 10pm on Monday, unleashing storm surges, gale force winds and rainfall that could leave millions without power.
The worst of the Category 1 hurricane, which forecasters said could be the largest in U.S. history, is expected to bring a 'life-threatening' surge of seawater up to 11 feet high, coastal hurricane winds and a barrage of heavy snow in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Already the hurricane is showing its breathtaking power as hundreds of thousands of residents scrambled to higher ground, public transport systems shut down, thousands of homes were without power and thousands of flights across the country were cancelled.
The Hudson River which connects New Jersey and Manhattan's west side has breached - already inflicting more damage than Hurricane Irene last year. The last hurricane in which waters significantly breached the city's riverbanks and caused wide-spread flooding was in September 1821.

Culled from Daily Mail Uk

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