Monday, October 08, 2012

True Story Of What Happened To The Four Uniport Students.

According to an eye witness account Ugonna, one the the 4 Uniport students burnt to death, had been complaining to his father about the incessant robbery taking place at the place where he lived and had decided to go stay with a friend who lived in the community. He had spent the night at the friends place and while coming back from where he had spent the night, they met their other friends Chiadika and Lloyd. Lloyd said that he needed to collect his money from someone who was owing him. When they went to the guy owing him, the guy refused to pay him and it resulted in a fight. They seized the guy's laptop and phone and as they were leaving the guy started screaming 'thief thief' and the vigilante group heard, and they thought they were the criminals who have been disturbing the community, the boys were beaten, striped naked, paraded, beaten to pulp and then necklaced with tire and burnt alive, two of the boys actually died from the beating, and the two who were alive tried to get out of the fire but the angry mob kept pushing them into the fire. 
This is a very sad story, and even more disheartening knowing that they were actually innocent.

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