Saturday, October 20, 2012

X - Factor Finalist David Correy Is Reunited With Birth Mother.

Facinating story!
X factor finalist David Correy has been reunited with his birth mother after she saw baby pictures of him on the show and recognized him as the son she put up for adoption 25 years ago. 

Ok, for those of you who do not watch or follow X factor, during his first audition for the show, David Correy had told the judges that he was singing for his long lost birth mother and that he hoped the show would lead them to each other. His story was so sad it had judge Britney Spears in tears, but it now has a happy ending.

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So when the show was aired in Brazil a woman called Luciene Lima saw his baby pictures during a segment and had a feeling he was her son.
She then went through the Brazilian courts to trace the adoption and because she did not know how to contact Correy, enlisted the help of the local media.
It is believed that a Brazilian newspaper managed to track down Correy, who was brought up by adoptive parents in Annapolis, Maryland, and give him the news.

Accordint to TMZ although no DNA tests have been done, everything seems to match, including the birth certificate, the orphanage Correy came from and the timeline. 
A source close to Correy told the website: 'David is so happy - and he can't wait to meet her for the first time.'
Luciene gave Correy up when she was just 14 years old and according to the singer's biography on Facebook: 'Born in Brazil, David came to America in his infancy after immense poverty forced his birth mother to put him up for adoption.'

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