Friday, November 02, 2012

Dress To Impress While On A Budget.

Contrary to popular belief, you Can dress well and impress without spending a fortune on designer clothes and shoes. I love fashion and as a woman I can relate to the need to look good and the need to want to impress. 
No one wants to look cheap. However, it is quite possible to look great without spending your entire paycheck on Manolo Blahniks or on designer clothes. Here are a few tips and tricks for looking fab on a budget. 

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 Wait for a Sale- all items eventually go on sale, so if you’re willing to wait a few weeks, you will be able to buy the same item at a much lower price than the original price. The longer you wait, the higher the discount. but be aware of the risk that you won’t be able to find the item in your size or in your favorite color. It is very tempting to buy something just because it’s on sale, you must be very aware of this temptation and make sure you only buy the things you need – things you would have purchased anyway.
Shop Off-Price Retailers - off-price retailers such as Winners and the online retailer Overstock, specialize in buying surplus designer clothes at a bargain. They then transfer the savings to you. It’s not unheard of to be able to get the same item that sells for $200 at a department store for half that price at an off-price retailer, during the same time – many of these items are not last-season clothes. The main issue with shopping off-price retailers is time, you will need to go through lots of lower-quality items to snag that one, fab top at half price.

Shop Your Own Closet - many of us have items in the back of our closet that we have forgotten about. Going shopping in your own closet is lots of fun, and you may just find a few items that would add color and interest to your wardrobe. While you’re at it, try on some clothes, make sure to get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in a while and that do not fit you anymore. An airy, uncluttered closet makes getting dressed much easier.
Use a Seamstress - Back in the day, we had them everywhere. These days, seamstresses seem to be an endangered species, but if you can find one that would do this for you, go for it. You won’t just save money, you will also get clothes that are tailored exactly to your figure.
Wear Black - Growing up, the first color of bag, shoe, dress, scarf I ever bought was black, and why? it goes with everything! It is the only way I can think of to provide a versatile wardrobe at no cost. And it works, black flatters your figure, making you look slimmer. Plus you can go anywhere in a black dress, accessorize with colorful scarves, shoes, purse, and the simplicity of your appearance would be very elegant.

Dressing well on a budget is obviously not as easy as dressing well on an unlimited budget, but it can be done with a little thought and planning.

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