Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mario Balotelli And Pregnant Girlfriend Rafaella Fico No Longer Together.

Mario Balotelli's should make up his mind, if you like her, marry her, if not let her go. Because, according to reports his on-off romance with pregnant former girlfriend Raffaella Fico is off again.
The footballer had made up with Raffaella, last month after the two split in a bitter doorstep bust up earlier this year when she flew to Britain from Manchester to confront him over his cheating.The Police had to be called in as the two had a serious argument and the girlfriend was escorted away in tears, only to reveal a few weeks later that she was pregnant with his child.

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Balotelli initially refused to accept the baby and had demanded a DNA test but the two made up in October and were spotted romantically kissing and cuddling on the balcony of her home near Naples.
But now it has emerged that striker Balotelli, who was dropped for last week's match against Tottenham, has not been in touch with Raffaella. 
I personally think it may be because Raffaella earlier this week modeled a wedding dress, and that scared the hell out of him....

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