Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Miley Cyrus Has Been Offered $1 Million To Star In A Porn Movie.

Singer Miley Cyrus has been offered $1 million to star in a soft porn film. The 19-year-old former Disney star was offered the amount to star in a soft porn remake of her Decisions music video.
Cyrus, who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, has been approached by Sex.com about a softcore remake of her music video alongside X-rated actress Jessie Andrews, 20, who stars in the promotional clip, reports contactmusic.com.

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A letter sent to her agent from Sex.com's media director Martin Ellison reads: ''As you are already aware in the video she kisses her boyfriend, Liam who is dressed as a unicorn. We'd like to replace Liam with the AVN Starlet of the Year, Jessie!"
"We aren't looking to make a boy/girl Hannah Does Montana sex video here, but rather a softer 'girl on girl' version. Of course your client would be compensated extremely well to be nude and to have 'erotic' girl on girl relations."
"How far Miley chooses she wants to go is entirely up to her. We adore her new sexy look, and our members at sex.com have been emailing us all day begging us to make her and Jessie an offer to star together on film together! Considering they are both sexy and youthful in their appearance, we think this could be the most downloaded video of all time!

"Please respond to this email to let us know if there is any interest."

The company have already approached Los Angeles nightspot Beacher's Madhouse within the Roosevelt Hotel - where the original 'Decisions' video was shot - about filming there and according to gossip website TMZ.com, Jessie has agreed to take part in the raunchy remake.

How do you go from a Disney star to porn star?

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