Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Police Brutality In Nigeria.

Last week Tuesday an Okada driver was allegedly shot around Ilupeju Bye-pass in Ilupeju by policemen from the Ilupeju Police Station who were chasing him and trying to seize his Okada.
According to eye witness account the Okada guy was trying to escape arrest when one of the policemen chasing him shot him in the chest. After the shooting, the policemen entered their van and sped off. Passersby then rushed the young man to Teju Hospital which is just adjacent to where the incident happened. The okada man died at the hospital.

Today, a conductor was allegedly shot again, this time in Ketu.
What is going on in Nigeria? Why all these senseless killings?

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The Okada driver shot last week in Ilupeju
The conductor shot today in Ketu.

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