Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Makeup Hygiene Tips To Follow.

 Seriously, it’s not your toilet that carries the most bacteria in your bathroom. For most of us, the microscopic crawlers live in our makeup bags and tools. If you’re guilty of harboring germs, you can avoid acne and other diseases by keeping your makeup regimen sanitary. Go above and beyond washing your hands and tossing old makeup and adopt these easy sanitary makeup habits.

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1. Don’t co-mingle dirty and clean brushes: What’s the point of cleaning your brushes if you’re going to mix them with old, dirty brushes? Designate a cup or bin to keep your clean brushes in so you can keep track of the clean and dirty brushes.

2. Sharpen all pencils regularly: Eye and lip pencils are breeding grounds for germs. Sharpen your pencils before each use to keep bacteria out of your eyes and mouth. If you use retractable pencils, give them a quick dip in alcohol before each use.
3. No sharing!: Secrets and appetizers are for sharing with your friends, not makeup.
Lipstick: This should never be shared no matter what! Their saliva, food, and dry skin will all be transferred to your lips!
Foundation: Our skin carries all sorts of oils and dirt that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to share with your best friend!
Mascara: Eye infections are the easiest to spread and the longest to hang around. Even sharing your mascara with your own eyes sometimes can cause a problem. As soon as you get any sort of eye infection, throw your own mascara away and get a new one!
Eye shadow, Blushes: All the same nasties mentioned about will be transferred from these dry shadows!
Sponges and brushes: even if your make up is clean it may be what you are putting it on with that is problem. Sponges should only be used once. The moisture in those little white sponges are a perfect home for bacteria. Brushes have lots of tiny little bristles that also provide hide holes for germs to live in. 

Use cotton swabs for applying makeup which can be tossed out after each use.
4. Don’t pump your mascara wand: Trying to get the most of your mascara could jeopardize the uncontaminated tube. When you pump the wand up and down you are forcing air and bacteria into the product that could give you a nasty infection.
5. Avoid liquid-based products which are great hosts for bacteria.
It is important to know the importance of a good make-up remover.

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