Wednesday, January 09, 2013

KFC Offers Teen Free Meal After Finding Fried Brain in Box of Chicken.

A British teen was enjoying a “Gladiator box meal” at his local KFC when he suddenly stumbled onto something he didn’t order. “I threw it down onto my tray immediately. It looked like a brain,” 19-year-old Ibrahim Langoo of Essex told The Sun. “I suddenly felt grim and really sick.”  

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Ibrahim took a quick pic of the unidentified fried object and uploaded the evidence to Facebook. “For all those that wanted to show their friends and families, here is the reason to never go to KFC ever again,” he captioned the photo. 
A KFC spokesperson reached for comment by The Sun said the fast food company reviewed the unappetizing “prize” and concluded that it is most likely a kidney, “and not a brain as claimed.” KFC expressed their sincere apology to Ibrahim for having inadvertently served him Chicken Surprise, and offered the teen vouchers for a free meal. 
But Ibrahim probably won’t be cashing them in anytime soon. “I never want to eat at KFC again – in Colchester or anywhere else,” he told The Sun. “I’ll eat chicken at home, where I can see how it’s been prepared.
That is just nasty!

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