Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weird!! Pregnant Woman With Her Baby's Face Imprinted On Her Belly.

This is weird, with a capital W!! Karen McMartin a Pregnant British woman was shocked to see the face of her baby on her pregnant belly. It looked like the baby was trying to break out of her tummy. Karen discovered the print on her tummy when she was just 25-weeks pregnant. Karen explained to The Sun how she discovered it.
“I was in the staff room on a break. We were actually having a laugh at my belly button sticking out and checking for baby movement. Then Karen who owns the salon came in and said, ‘Oh my God, I can see a face.’ She took a picture and we’ve been showing it to folk ever since.”
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 "What everyone is seeing is not actually the face of McMartin’s unborn child, but an illusion. The Sun spoke to medical expert Dr. Carol Cooper who explained that the “face” was actually a trick that was caused by her swollen belly button, an old bellybutton piercing, veins and stretch marks.

She added: “The paler area that forms the ‘face’ may well be the baby’s back.”

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