Sunday, July 07, 2013

Multiple Explosions In Quebec As Train Carrying Oil Derails, Killing 5 People And Leaving Many Injured.

The death toll is now five after a devastating train explosion in Lac – Megantic, Quebec, 250 kilometres east of Montreal.
 A freight train loaded with oil derailed in Lac-Megantic on Saturday 6th July, and went off in flames that consumed about 30 buildings.

The five dead bodies that were recovered from the ravaged downtown area have been transported to Montreal for forensic examination and have not yet been positively identified.The site of a train explosion that razed blocks of downtown Lac-Megantic is now being treated as a crime scene and families eagerly await word about the fate of loved ones missing since the crash occurred about 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

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Police spokesman Michel Brunet said that while he could confirm the additional deaths, he could not describe where and in what conditions the victims were found.
One volunteer stated that survivors of the explosion are going through different stages of shock. One resident states “Quebec explosions was like an atomic bomb” While other residents were in disbelief about what had happened and frantic for word of the missing. 
Today those feelings have evolved into shock as people are beginning to comprehend the extent of the devastation and the mounting loss of life.
My heart goes out to those who have lost family, friends and loved ones, this is so sad, especially since we just celebrated Canada day just days ago.

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