Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Drunk Judge Joe Brown Rants About His Cancelled TV Show.

His TV show Judge Joe Brown was cancelled in March after 15 years on the air.
The 66 year old judge shot to fame on arbitration based reality court show, Judge Joe Brown but after salary negotiations between him and CBS broke down, no further episodes were ordered.In the footage, which was posted by WorldstarHipHop, the cameraman jokes, ‘Guess what judge, I’m not guilty,’ and he immediately replies, “F*** that – I quit… I do not do that bulls**t anymore.’
After telling the cameraman he is drinking ‘double Bombay Sapphire and tonic’, Brown enjoys a chat with two young women, who he claims would be his perfect daughters-in-law.
I need you girls to be my daughters- in-law so you can take care of a man in his old age, ‘ he tells them.
This is a typical example of don't drink and talk, or give improptu interviews, If you are intoxicated, go home and sleep!

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