Saturday, September 28, 2013

Suspicious Death Of A 42 Year Old Accountant In Wickford Essex, England.

An accountant, Mrs Tolu Kalajaiye was found dead in her home in Wickford Essex, England and her son was arrested on suspicion of murder.
Police were called to the large £350,000 four-bedroom property of the deceased at about 10am where they discovered the body.
Her son, who is 21, was arrested shortly after and remained in custody. Neighbors said they had been told the mother was stabbed to death, but the police have yet to confirm how she died.
A neighbor to the deceased Mr Day described Mrs Kalejaiye as ‘pleasant’, saying that he would only usually see her on Sunday mornings when she went to church. ‘She would wave when she saw me,’ he added.
 According to her Facebook profile, Mrs Kalejaiye is engaged, studied accounting and finance at Middlesex University in Hendon, north London, and is originally from Abeokuta in Nigeria.

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