Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taking Stock .....Looking Forward, Learning From The Mistakes Of Yesterday

So, its going to be 2014 in a few days, and for most people it is time to take stock, look back at 2013, what were their achievements, mistakes, accomplishments, set backs, what went wrong, what can be done to prevent it from happening, and so on.Then they look forward to the New year, make new year resolutions, learning from their mistakes and hoping, praying the new year is better and more fruitful than the last.
So if you are into making resolutions, here are 5 steps to ensure that you make the right ones, stick to them and achieve your goals, Njoy!
1. Set Realistic Goals - One of the biggest problems of sticking to a resolution is that we aim too high. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong aiming high, however, you want to be able to cut your coat according to your fabric, not your size or your reputation, you cannot be earning 150$ a month and you are resolving to save a million dollars in one year, do the maths, live within your means. Set realistic goals and you are guaranteed success. Also setting a goal to completely change your life, your career, your family relations, etc. is too broad. Keep the goals small and simple. For example pick an aspect of your life you want to change, maybe stop gossiping, stop procrastinating, read more books, study a chapter of the bible each day, all these are simple, realistic goals that if you change, ultimately lead to a change in your life, a better you.

2. Define Your Goals - If the value of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.
Saying you want to lose weight, change your job, or go back to school is not enough. You need to write down how you are going to move toward these goals and what benefits they bring.
So, you want to lose a few pounds? Then develop a weight loss plan which includes healthy eating habits with regular exercise. Do not rely on magical solutions or weight loss pills, they do not work, and if they do, they do not provide long term weight loss, if you lose weight with pills, you will need those pills to maintain the weight, nothing comes easy, "no pain, no gain". And the benefit? A healthier you in 2014.
3. Set a Schedule - A time table so to say, No goal is attainable without putting the effort and setting time aside to make the small changes necessary to attain the goal. If you have no schedule or s
et an unrealistic schedule, you are setting yourself up for failure. Write it down, make it plain, your goals and the steps you will take to reach each goal. Losing a few pounds over a few months is realistic and simple but losing a 100 pounds in a few days is not. Finding a new job within six months is realistic; finding one in a week is not. Improving your relationship with your spouse over the entire year is realistic; trying to do so overnight is impossible.
4. Don't Be Upset by Setbacks - Remember that you are human and as such, prone to mistakes, no one is perfect, Realize this and do not get upset or disappointed when you encounter setbacks when trying to reach your goals. Pick yourself up when you fall, learn and move on. Your resolve to move ahead should be greater in 2014
5. Look And Ask for Additional Help or Support - Look for people who have gone through similar situations like you, mentors, look for people who will encourage you, and not those who will discourage you or put you down, because you need all the help and support you can get. Whether it's in the form of a professional, a family member, a friend, church or support group, consider enlisting someone's help. This shows that you are not only serious about keeping the resolution, but that you realize your own strengths and limitations.
And remember, that the new year is not only a time to make changes in your life, but also a time of reflection and above all, a time to be thankful to God especially for being alive.

Happy New Year in advance!

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