Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wife Of Indian Minister Found Dead In Hotel.

The wife of Indian minister Shashi Tharoor was  found dead, and this is happening following reports that he had an affair according to Indian media. According to police sources Sunanda Pushkar is reported to have been found dead in a five-star hotel in Delhi.
The couple became embroiled in controversy over a series of Twitter messages on Wednesday Jan. 15th that appeared to reveal he was having an affair with Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tahrar. They later insisted they were happily married, blaming "unauthorised tweets". Ms Pushkar admitted publishing the tweets, but later denied it.
Reports said that her husband had informed the police of her death. It is still unclear how she died.
Ms Tahrar, who denied having an affair with the minister, tweeted after she heard of Ms Pushkar's death: "I'm absolutely shocked.

Culled from BBC

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